For over fifteen years, Barbee Cookies has helped cookie lovers of all ages find the perfect gift for friends and family.

It all started with The original Barbee cookie—a rich, splendiferous cookie creation with chunks of chocolate that could sink the Titanic. Founder, Kat Barbee, knew the cookies were something pretty special, but she never suspected just how good they were.

People craved them so much, we decided to unleash our wonderful taste of Barbee cookie goodness on the world…and now our customers can’t get enough.

We offer a huge variety of gourmet cookie choices, along with gift baskets that are customized for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and other sundry occasions. Feel free to browse our fresh baked cookie selections, according to price, occasion, or specific product…it’s up to you.

If you haven’t tried our cookies, believe us, you need to. You won’t believe the lip smacking goodness you’ll find in every bite of a Barbee cookie, creatively designed and destined to bring a smile to your face.

Ever wonder how the Mona Lisa got that world famous smile that lifted a thousand hearts? Yep, she just bit into a mouthwatering Barbee cookie! You can see the grin plain as day… just not the cookie crumbs or milk mustache.