Celebrate Life! It’s Delicious!

About Kelli

KelliI’m Kelli Stacy and I am the other half of Barbee Cookies. I am the “behind the scenes” person who does all the glamorous work of bookkeeping and bill paying to keep the business running.

My husband and I have had our own business for years, but I had never been in the food industry so this was all new to me. We both have that entrepreneurial spirit and when I heard that Kat was baking cookies for friends and family, and EVERYONE raved about them, I knew she needed to go to the next step: Enters me! So, close to 5 years ago, we had a meeting and decided to give it a go and put the building blocks down to start a successful business with the best gourmet cookies around.

Barbee-1010-webWe look forward to growing our business and have had our fair share of growing pains, but that just makes us stronger and better prepared for what comes next down the road. We are so excited to see what is next in this business and hope to see many Barbee Cookies around! We always hope to exceed all our customer’s expectations and celebrate each milestone in every families’ lives- We give our thanks to you, all the amazing customers we get to serve each and every day. You have kept us going and have supported us at every turn and for that, we are forever thankful!