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People love us:

I just know that I have a connection with Barbee Cookies that will stay with me as long as we both are around! I’m directing my friends to Barbee Cookies. And please, please don’t EVER stop making those yummy gluten free Snickerdoodle cookies and never, ever run out of Snickerdoodle coffee!

Carol S. – the918.org

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your cookies are.  I just picked up volleyball cookies for Coweta Varsity Volleyball and the girls just lit up when I walked in with cookies from your store.  I bought them last year so I knew they would loved them.  While at your store I purchased your m&m cookies and wow, those are the best cookies I have ever had.  LOVE them!  Just wanted to tell you to keep up the great cookies.  Thank you!

Monica T. – Customer 

Barbee Cookies have been a part of my family’s life for over twenty years.  When our children were small, Kat was making them in her home kitchen for special occasions, children’s birthdays or a gathering of family and friends.  Now she has a beautiful bakery with more flavors than I could every have imagined and our children are grown.

I am so proud of Hallee, Kat’s daughter.  I remember her as a child helping her mom in the kitchen watching her measure and stir and learn.  Now I see her participating in and contributing to the family business.  It’s exiting to hear of a new flavor or a new design that she has created.

When my daughter, Roni Kay,  was planning her wedding she wanted every detail to be meaningful and special.  She grew up with Barbee Cookies and she asked to have them at her wedding.  I was thrilled.  The celebration would not have been complete without Barbee Cookies on the dessert table and sent home with each guest!

Karen Lawson, Close family friend

I’ve tasted a lot of great gourmet cookies in Tulsa, but Barbee’s is the best. Their signature Cinnamon Roll cookie is out of this world good, plus I love the convenience of sending a cookie gift basket to a friend or loved one. Barbee’s is my sanctuary for cookie bliss!

Brian McCullough – Founder of TulsaFood.com

The cinnamon cookie was the BOMB!! My tongue threw a huge party for my mouth! Absolutely delicious! Keep up the great work Betty Crocker.

Fanny Campbell

Came home to them a couple of weeks ago and they blew my mind with each one I ate 😊 they are delicious. I’m pretty sure my sister’s job, Senior Star ordered them. Awesome job!

KC Carnegie

This place has the best cookies in town hands down. The staff is so friendly as well. I love their new location!!
Eric Bolinger

If you are a gluten free person…you will “never” believe how incredible these cookies taste! They taste no different (if not better-if that’s possible) than the regular ones! It’s amazing the recipe they came up with! So soft and yet with all the taste! Kuddos Barbee Cookies!

Tammy Williams

Barbee Cookies are my family’s favorite treat! There has not been one flavor we haven’t liked, but our favorites are the iced sugar, lemon pecan and cinnamon roll! I have ordered for birthday themes, teacher appreciation, company events and baby showers. Each order has been fulfilled perfectly and our guests love them! We look forward to many more chances to stop by or place orders!

Anna Martin

Um, please go try these. I am a college student, and my friend’s mom sent a whole box of these cookies to her in a care package–let me say–bravo, Mom. Ya did good.
The cookies are huge! Not your average, wimpy (ahem, Chips Ahoy) cookie; and the taste, let’s just say, marvelous. They also traveled really well and stayed fresh for a while.
Well done, Barbee, well done.

Lauren Hooten

My husband has Celiac Disease and my daughter is gluten-sensitive. Barbee Cookies has the BEST gluten free cookies we’ve had. The owner is so kind and welcoming. The employees are all helpful and friendly as well.

In case you are wondering, YES, all their other cookies are spectacular, too!

Dawn Allen

We were delighted when time ran out during Christmas to purchase the delicious cookies from Barbee Cookies. The phone in order was extremely easy with so many choices and everything was ready to go when promised. The customer service is excellent, but the cookies got a “10” with 30 guests in our
home. Try Barbee Cookies for your next event or for any reason to say, “I love you!”

Gloria Gonzalez

Easily the best cookie EVER made!! Once you’ve had them, you wake up thinking about them. The staff is even more amazing than the cookies. Always happy and “sweet”. You will not be disappointed… until your cookies are gone.

Andrea Weston

We LOVE Barbee Cookies! They are hands down the BEST cookies in Tulsa! I have been using them for years for my son’s birthday parties. Their staff is always so accommodating and create the best sugar cookies for any theme! I’ll continue to use them over and over again!

Megan Rawlings

Barbee Cookies are the best cookie in Tulsa, you have to try the cinnamon roll cookie it is AMAZING!!! a long with the chocolate chip. If your looking to send or deliver a very professionally packed box of cookie that will impress a customer or someone special, then go or call Barbee cookies. i promise you will not be disappointed!!

John Myers

Barbee Cookies are amazing. The perfect consistency, texture, and flavor to their unique cookies and friendly staff make this gourmet cookie-ry one you don’t want to miss! In fact, after your first visit, you’ll probably be coming back, and back, and back, with a new favorite cookie each time. My favorites have been Double Delicious, Cinnamon Roll, Birthday Cake, Oatmeal Cream Pie, and Lemon Pecan, and I’m sure those and the rest will be your favorites too.

Addison Cruze

THANK YOU SO MUCH for offering delicious Gluten Free cookies that look and taste amazing!!! I’ve placed several orders for gluten free iced sugar cookies and they always do a great job. I took them to a school Valentine’s party and served them without telling anyone until after they ate them. The kids loved them and the adults couldn’t believe they were gluten free! It’s so nice for my son to be able to eat the same thing as the other children.

Kelly Thorp

OH MY GOODNESS! These are THE BEST cookies in Tulsa!! Like, seriously the best! My family has used Barbee Cookies A LOT for our kids birthdays, teacher gifts (huge hit), fun “happy’s”, and more! We truly LOVE this little gem of a business and the staff is wonderful! Customer Service at it’s best AND fabulous cookies — YES PLEASE! And now that they are offering safe, gluten free cookies — we are just IN LOVE. My daughter has Celiac, so this is a HUGE plus for us! Happy, Happy, Happy — that’s what Barbee Cookies make us 🙂

Katie Flurry

Amazingly delicious! Great special treat for yourself or family. And a box of a dozen always makes a perfect gift (for having a baby, a death, or just to cheer someone up) or when you host a shower or any gathering really. Personal favorites are the Cinnamon Roll Cookie and the Barbee Original with Pecans. But, you can’t go wrong with any!! A must try!! Excellent service as well, they have always been so helpful in selecting cookies and the right bow on the box for the occasion. They even sent cookies to California for me to a dear friend who’s infant had open heart surgery! Barbee Cookies – Take them everywhere!!

Jen Jacobs

These cookies are fantastic! they taste like they look. FANTASTIC. My faves are the new red velvet cookie and the Cinnamon Roll cookie.The staff is always very nice and inviting. Walking in there is so welcoming atmosphere and the smell when you walk in reminds you of walking in your grandmothers home and shes baking your favorite dessert! This place is second to none.

Vincent Davis

I absolutely love Barbee’s cookies (and I’m not really a cookie person either)! They have the most amazing lemon cookies, and their cinnamon roll cookies are to die for. I’ve served or requested Barbee’s for several parties. I tell everyone from out of town about them. You must enjoy one of these for yourself!

Lindsay Chrisman