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God Bless Uncle Frank!

You don’t need a special event—this collection of cookies is a decadent celebration in itself! Enjoy a variety of favorites in one easy choice. This well-rounded flavor experience will have you saying, “God bless Uncle Frank!” Why? He made a special request of Kat, the creator of Barbee Cookies. At the time, she only made her “legendary original” cookies for friends and family. But he wouldn’t budge from his desire for oatmeal raisin and triple chocolate cookies! Uncle Frank got his cookies, and now we get to experience his cookies too … and more! Find a few favorites in this box and celebrate the loved ones in your life with bakery gifts of love.

3-Hallee’s Heavenly Cinnamon Roll Cookie: Thick, rich sweetness is laced with a swirl of bright-eyed cinnamon and crowned with a generous sweep of buttery-sweet vanilla icing.

3- Kat’s Graham - S’more Cookie

3-Iced Sugar with Sprinkles: What a beauty! Sparkling sugar crystals swim in a thick pool of buttercream icing atop an even thicker sugar cookie. Pull up a memory and indulge in a celebration of all things delicious!

3-Chocolate Chip: The comfort of chocolate morsels embedded into the richness of these hand-pressed delights will make your mouth water and your heart beat with a little extra love.

1-Lemon Raspberry Cookie: The sweet citrus zing sweetened with drizzle and freckled with raspberry finds sun-kissed flavor bursting into song. This flavorful cookie is both deeply warm and zestfully fresh without overpowering your taste buds. This fruitful cookie will put a lilt in your step and make you feel like a millionaire wearing your favorite jeans.

  • Cookies are made fresh daily!
  • Some cookies are available deliciously gluten-free.
  • Want to mix it up? Check out our Build-a-Box option.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for your order to be baked, packaged, and ready for pick up, delivery, or shipping.

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