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Our Story

As many baker’s origin stories begin, my mother developed a love of baking from watching her mother and grandmothers in the kitchen. Listening to her recount the sights and smells from holiday tables to casual gatherings sounds nothing short of magical and it is easy to see how she became so inspired. I think we can all agree that there is something so special about being surrounded by cookies and pastries and breads. 
My mother never planned to open a bakery. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and taught as a reading specialist for over 20 years, but she was constantly baking in her free time for any and all local events. It was expected that at any party, wedding, birthday, or funeral- Kat would be bringing cookies. Lots of them. I have many memories of every square inch of counter space in our kitchen completely covered with cookies. Eventually enough people told her that she should go into business that she decided to go for it. 
At first, all we had was a killer chocolate chip cookie and a head full of big ideas, but we wanted to expand our inventory. For some reason, even from a very young age, my parents encouraged me to play around in the kitchen. I baked all sorts of things, some good and some really terrible, but it instilled in me a lasting spirit of creativity. I remember the night I had made the cinnamon roll cookie. It turned out a lot better than I had expected, and I asked my mom if she thought we could sell it. She said maybe. We joke about this now as it has become our signature cookie. 
It’s been twelve years now since my mom started the bakery and it has been an incredible experience to watch this business grow in ways we never expected that it would.  We have incredibly supportive local customers and businesses who send our cookies all across the country to celebrate life with people. It has been nothing short of humbling. In the beginning, my mom felt crazy to leave a stable job that she loved to persue this dream, but believed this is where God was leading her. We have felt his blessings on this business right from the start and are so grateful. 
I am so proud of what my mother has built, and am so blessed that I get to partner in this business with her. The cookies are good, but if you’ve met my mom, you know that she’s the reason that people keep coming back. 
Thanks for 12 great years, Tulsa. We look forward to many more.