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Sugar, sugar—aww honey, honey—you are my cookie baby!

Don’t let the name fool you! These “babies” are what most people consider a regular-sized cookie. Weighing in at 1 oz. and 1/3 the size of our standard gourmet cookies, they are just the right size for snacking and sharing! This collection includes two each of our crowd favorites and is the perfect size when you need a party platter or have children’s event.

2-M&M Babies: Refined sweetness in the peaks and valleys of this hand-pressed cookie just beg for a party, and the colorful M&Ms bring the celebration!

2-Sugar Babies: Understated elegance is embodied in the smooth, rich taste of this grown-up cookie encrusted with sugar crystals.

2-Hallee’s Cinnamon Roll Cookie Babies: Thick, rich sweetness is laced with a swirl of bright-eyed cinnamon and crowned with a generous sweep of buttery-sweet vanilla icing.

2-Snickerdoodle Babies: The warm and friendly infusion of cinnamon into buttery cookie goodness makes this cookie a mouth-watering favorite.

2-Chocolate Chip Babies: The comfort of chocolate morsels embedded into the richness of these hand-pressed delights will make your mouth water and your heartbeat with a little extra love.

2-Double Chocolate Babies: Sweet milk chocolate nestled into chocolate cookie dough make this double-chocolate cookie twice the treat.

  • Cookies are made fresh daily! Some cookies are available deliciously gluten-free.
  • Want to mix it up? Check out our Build-a-Box option.
  • Boxed dozens are carefully and artfully presented in an attractive box and bow.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for your order to be baked, packaged, and ready for pick up, delivery, or shipping.

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