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A Dozen of The Classics
A Dozen of The Classics
A Dozen of The Classics

A Dozen of The Classics

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The Classics represent our timeless signature cookies. Packed with flavor, this box is filled with some of our classic, delectable cookies. Recipes are made fresh daily.

Chocolate Chip: This luscious cookie combines two savory types of chocolate, white and milk chocolate.

Snickerdoodle: Mix butter and cinnamon and viola! You get our divine, sassy snickerdoodle cookie.

Peanut Butter: Try this old-fashioned peanut butter cookie. The pure and simple recipe leaves the cookie with a crunchy taste.

Molasses: Travel back in time with this iconic cookie. The sweet molasses will remind you of grandma’s cookies!

Oatmeal Raisin: Combine fluffy oatmeal and sweet, crisp raisins to get this marvelous cookie!

Sugar: This sugar-encrusted cookie will satisfy any sweet tooth!

“This bakery knows how to go the extra mile for their clients! Super impressed with their attention to detail with their cookies and orders. Their willingness to go above and beyond without being asked is why our family loves this place so much!” – Michelle Rahim, FB Review