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A Dozen of The Classics
A Dozen of The Classics
A Dozen of The Classics

A Dozen of The Classics

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Click your heels … there’s no place like home!

Stir up fond memories and make new ones with this classic cookie collection! This heart-warming selection is reminiscent of the treats awaiting loved ones in Kat’s (the creator of Barbee Cookies) grandmother’s hearth room. If you close your eyes, you may find yourself in Granny’s kitchen wrapped in the aroma of molasses or at your childhood home hoping to eat cookie dough from Mama’s mixing bowl. This box is sure to delight and surprise wherever it arrives—care packages to college dorms and beyond! Caring is sharing, so we’ve lovingly packed two of each flavor.

2-Chocolate Chip: The comfort of chocolate morsels embedded into the richness of these hand-pressed delights will make your mouth water and your heartbeat with a little extra love.

2-Snickerdoodle: The warm and friendly infusion of cinnamon into buttery cookie goodness makes this cookie a mouth-watering favorite.

2-Peanut Butter: Tradition doesn’t stray too far from its mark with this cookie complete with criss-cross impressions and a little extra sugar on top—soft and sweet, just like grandma’s hugs!

2-Molasses: Sugar and spice and everything nice—that's what this cookie is made of! Wonderfully crackled and sprinkled with sparkling sugar, this molasses classic is both pretty and delicious.

2-Oatmeal Raisin: Lumpy, bumpy, and oh so good! Filled with kisses of raisins, this hearty oatmeal cookie gives a happy crunch and a sincere promise of good things to come.

2-Sugar Sugar: Understated elegance is embodied in the smooth, rich taste of this sophisticated cookie encrusted with sugar crystals.
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  • Some cookies are available deliciously gluten-free.
  • Want to mix it up? Check out our Build-a-Box option.
  • Boxed dozens are carefully and artfully presented in an attractive box and bow.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for your order to be baked, packaged, and ready for pick up, delivery, or shipping.